It might as well be spring…

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The curious title of this blog comes from a gorgeous song written in the late 1940s. Here’s Sarah Vaughan’s fantastic version (What. A. Voice #theydontmakemlikethatanymore etc etc).

Anyway, as far as I’m concerned, today was the nicest day of the year so far. Misty, warmish, fantastic light… and a rare sunset with an orange sun descending behind thin cloud with such clarity and without glare – you could stare right at it without any risk to your eyes. Our walk today was at One Tree Hill. It was lovely for aforementioned reasons but, man oh man, the mud. Yep, it’s still way too early for dry paths and the slop was suckingly powerful. My tip would be Knole Park for best mud avoidance at this time of year, or Lullingstone.

But nothing could take away from that mild late winter sunshine and sense of the countryside waking up. Glorious.

Pictures above are from Wilmot Hill along from One Tree Hill, today, March 11 and there’s one from Ide Hill last week and a sleet shower heading towards Bough Beech reservoir from, I suppose, Edenbridge.