My favourite photos of the year: 2022

To mark the year’s passing I’ve picked one photo from each month looking back over the year so will hope to show the passage of the seasons. In some months I took few photos … which is why September’s picture is a bit “meh”. One photo is a complete cheat because it’s not from the walks here, but from north-west Scotland! I think my favourites are the final two of the year: Underriver view and Lullingstone in the snow, although the sharpness of that Cudham shot in remarkably clear July air does a lot for me.

I don’t rate myself as any kind of photographer, and I’m sure a true pro could do a lot better, but I do enjoy capturing an atmosphere or certain aesthetic. If others like them too, even better!

Happy Christmas to all who visit and use this website and best wishes for 2023.

  • false sunset at Ide Hill
  • Flooded woods, Bough Beech
  • Bluebells in Emmetts Garden/Scord's Wood, 2022
  • View over Summer Isles
  • Pyramidal orchid
  • View from Romney Street
  • Knole stag, October
  • Underriver, Sevenoaks
  • Lullingstone, 17 December, 2022

2 thoughts on “My favourite photos of the year: 2022

  1. Happy healthy 2023 Adam
    Thank you so much for all the photos and suggestions and for taking the time to keep updating us, it really is appreciated.


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