A live jazz gig in deepest Sundridge Park, Bromley north

Come along and enjoy top quality live jazz, Monday 10 April 8.20pm

If big band jazz is your thing, or even if it isn’t, come along to Sundridge Park WMC at 134 Burnt Ash Lane, BR1 5AF on Easter Monday. I will be playing in the saxophone section on alto sax. The band is called the Mick Collins Legacy Band, recognising its founder. It’s £10 to get in and the band starts at 8.30pm and finishes at 10.30 with a short break. There’s no need to book (you can’t anyway!) but there’s a bar at hand and lots of seating in a large room with good acoustics. The music we play is by arrangers and composers such as Thad Jones, Bob Florence, Gil Evans, Wayne Shorter, Kenny Wheeler and Mike Gibbs. What else can you do on a Monday night that’ll be as uplifting? Don’t answer that!


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